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Alexander Bordino, Academy Trainer

Alexander Bordino, 3D Print Academy Trainer

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Sectioning large parts in Insight

As Stratasys users well know, we sometimes stumble across parts that are just too big for our build bay. Fear not, as not everything has to be printed in one,…

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Insight Software - FAQ's

The advanced Stratasys Insight software is available on all F370 and Fortus machines. Within the software, there is a wide array of options that can be unleashed.  Insight itself can…

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Tips for printing in Flexible PolyJet Materials

Stratasys PolyJet technology offers a various amount of flexible materials belonging to the Tango and Agilus 30 families. The below guide will help you optimize the performance of these materials:…

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SUP706B brings further versatility to soluble supports

SUP706B is the second release in the line of multi-functional supports. This support material is among the most versatile in the market. It provides the user more freedom in design…

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GrabCAD – the home of advanced FDM

It’s very possible that you’ve wrestled with complexities at some point in the 3D printing process. It could be the CAD design of an intricate interior, or an unsatisfactory finish…

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1 year on – Celebrate the 3D Print Academy’s one year anniversary with us

We’re delighted to announce it has officially been 1 year since the launch of the 3D Print Academy – a 3D print training division of the Stanford Marsh Group. We…

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Things to remember when printing in VeroClear RGD810

VeroClear is glass-like in appearance. Immediately you could think of a dozen ways in which this unique set of visual properties could be invaluable in a variety of industrial uses….

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Design for Additive Manufacturing: AM for you

The 3D Print Academy is excited to launch our brand-new Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) course, enabling you to get the best out of your 3D prints and produce more…

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GrabCAD Print - FAQ's

Here at the academy, we often get asked many questions about GrabCAD print, so we sat down with our trainers to discuss these frequently asked questions. What Stratasys printers work…

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Best practice for removing FDM support materials

Stratasys offers a diverse range of FDM model materials that are used in conjunction with two types of FDM support materials. Soluble Release Support (SR) can be washed away in…

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Designing for FDM Production Parts

There are a different number of factors to consider when designing your production parts on an FDM printer. Here at the Academy, we understand these can get quite confusing so…

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Part orientation for smooth surface finish in FDM

For those who have used an FDM printer you will know that parts definitely don’t have the same surface finish as a Polyjet part for example. This is down to…

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Top tips for keeping your PolyJet system running smoothly

1. Clean the print head after every job It’s vital that you clean the print bed after every job to ensure that the surface is completely level for the next…

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GrabCAD Print Updates – What’s New?

The latest version of Stratasys’ GrabCAD print software was released on the 21st of March and includes a range of bug fixes, updates and new features to enable you to…

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3D Printing in Nylon 12

Nylon 12 is a popular FDM material that is used in traditional manufacturing processes. In the following article, our academy trainers will cover several different considerations to think about when you…

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Catch up with our BDM Revathi!

Our new Business Development Revathi has been busy the past few weeks spreading the word about the 3D Print Academy. From attending trade shows to promote our brand, to dealing…

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Whats new in GrabCAD Print Update 1.24/5/6

GrabCAD print is a Stratasys software that allows you to prepare, schedule and monitor your 3D printing jobs. Here at the 3D Print Academy it’s one of our favourite softwares…

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Overcoming part curling

Large FDM parts can curl up from the foundation sheet whilst it is still building, which in turn can cause machine problems. See below a guide on how you can…

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Using TPU on your F Series printer

With the introduction of the new Stratasys Elastomer material TPU 92A, we have put together a short summary of what we feel you need to know about using TPU 92A…

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FDM 3D Printing Tips for Designers. Tip 5 – General Maintenance

Often overlooked, general maintenance of your Stratasys FDM printer is by far one of the most successful ways to ensure high quality and reliable prints. We recommend always running the…

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FDM 3D Printing Tips for Designers. Tip 4 - Support Material

Support material is nearly always required for a successful FDM 3D print. Various support materials are available dependent on the printer you purchase and the model material you are using….

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FDM 3D Printing Tips for Designers. Tip 3 - Part Orientation

Orientation of the model in the prep software is by far one of the most important considerations when operating a 3D printer using FDM. Poor orientation can directly impact strength,…

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FDM 3D Printing Tips for Designers. Tip 2 - Model Slice heights & toolpaths

Slice heights are required for the FDM printer to print each part of your 3D model layer by layer. Dependent on the material type loaded in the spool, and the…

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FDM 3D Printing Tips for Designers. Tip 1 - CAD is King!

Over the next few weeks, our Academy trainers are going to be sharing with you their top tips for FDM 3D printing. See below our very first top tip of…

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The Importance of 3D Print Training

At the 3D print academy, we believe in empowering your business by sharing our 3D print expertise with your entire team. Whilst the designated 3D print operator will usually receive…

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Idle Mode on your Stratasys Polyjet Printer

Here at the Academy we understand that some companies may not be using their 3D printer every minute of the day, and some printers may be left a few days…

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Top 5 Most Common Print Errors

At the Academy, we understand that not all prints go the way we want them to! Below we have outlined the top 5 most common print errors, that not only…

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