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  • What level of skill do I need to have for a 3D print academy course?

    For the high-end training courses, then yes a basic level of 3D printing is essential. But we can help with that, as we have courses aimed for beginners through to high-end advanced user level.  Please discuss with the team your experience to-date and we can best advise where to start your training journey with 3D Print Academy.

  • Where is 3D print academy training held?

    Our flagship-training centre is based centrally in Stoke-on-Trent, where we have most of the print technology.  However, depending on the machine type and/or training requirement we do have other training locations that could be considered, these include Worcester, Bristol, Bridgend, Derby and Royston. Alternatively, we can provide training at your site, using your own printer/s if this proves more practical.

  • Can I attend a 3D print academy course, if I don’t yet own a 3D printer?

    Yes you can, however the practicality of then using the skills may be lost over time.  The courses we provide on CAD training, designing for Additive Manufacturing and/or Generative design, may be more suited until such-time you invest in your own system.

    That said, understanding the capability of Additive Manufacturing as a process however, even without your own device may help in the design and collaboration with partners using 3D Print.

  • What sort of certification will I receive from the course?

    Anyone attending a specific Stratasys training course will get a recognised manufacture approved certification, as 3D Print Academy are an approved Stratasys Training Provider.  All other course you will indeed get a certification, to support the training you have been provided during your time at 3D Print Academy.

  • Are there are financing options available?

    Depending on the level of investment, then yes finance options can be considered.  There may also be financial support at times via grant schemes; it is always worth checking within your own trade association network or local chamber of commerce.  We will provide discounts for multiple people attending from the same organisation.

  • We don’t have a Stratasys or Desktop Metal system. Can we still attend the Design for Additive course you run?

    Not all our training is specific to a product, so yes there would be benefit to training on a particular ‘technology’ such as FDM for example, as some commonality across platforms. More likely, our courses based around ‘designing for Additive Manufacturing’ or ‘Generative Design’ for example, would be better suited.  Either way, contact the team and discuss what you wish to achieve from training, we can advise if that is practical from our set-courses or look at bespoke training if not.

  • Do we need refresher training after a certain period of time?

    Like any training, it’s always helpful to ‘sharpen the sword’ and refresh our learning from time-to-time. It may be you covered the basics of a particular application but haven’t the need to use until now.  A refresh course specific to that need will ensure you get the right results, first time and could become mainstream in your company thereafter.  Try to muddle through and it may be wrongly written-off as impractical, yet merely down to our own ability rather than limitations in the technology.

  • Can the course be bespoke to what our company do with the 3D printer, or is it only generic?

    Yes we can provide bespoke training, either tailored to your industry and/or a specific application.  As well as offering extensive standard courses that could provide ideas you may not have considered beneficial.

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