The latest version of Stratasys’ GrabCAD print software was released on the 21st of March and includes a range of bug fixes, updates and new features to enable you to take your design from CAD file to model in one smooth process. Here’s a breakdown of what’s changed in the latest version of GrabCAD Print…

Build number released on 21 March 2019

  • Auto-orient is now available in Advanced FDM tab. Both standard and merged bodies can be auto-oriented, to minimise support and reduce build time.


  • OBJ files with image textures are now supported. When printing on PolyJet printers, image texture files associated with the OBJ file will be read, displayed, and the merged result will be printed.


  • A part quality issue when using hexagram infill on F123 series printers is fixed. For materials F123 ASA and F123 ABS, on the 0.005 inch (0.127 mm) and 0.007 inch (0.178 mm) slice height, the density of the infill is decreased to prevent overfill.


  • Print Settings, Orient, and Scale Panels have been updated to only count models or bodies on the active tray.


  • There was a bug in the printer history that you export from the desktop app where the ”Duration” showed 00:00:00 for all jobs. This has been fixed.


  • The app generates some files in the temp directory, and previously they built up over time. Now they are automatically cleared on app close.


  • Some users were hitting a bug where they were unable to launch GrabCAD Print, seeing a “Too many instances…” error. This was caused by the GrabCAD Print for SOLIDWORKS add-in which has now been discontinued.


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