The 3D Print Academy is excited to launch our brand-new Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) course, enabling you to get the best out of your 3D prints and produce more cost-effective parts. This two-day course is ideal for FDM users and designers seeking more throughput from their machines, all you need is a basic knowledge of CAD to get started. With a team of trainers this committed to protecting your time and resources, we suggest you find out more about how you can learn from the best.

You’re more than likely aware of the disruptive force that 3D printing is within design and manufacturing today. But without the proper integration into your manufacturing process, it’s likely that you won’t be seeing an appropriate return on investment. Even if you’ve long been working with additive manufacturing, it pays to be up to date with the constantly changing technologies and design possibilities in the field. Think of this course and its trainers as your Mr. Miyagi – it can always teach you plenty.

Design for Additive Manufacturing – what is the course?

Level 2 DfAM is a course written with the user in mind, providing a bespoke experience for every trainee that comes through the doors. The content includes communicating design considerations that are altered dependent on the AM technologies you are invested in. It aids in the understanding, implementation and adaptation of key additive manufacturing technologies such as CAD software, FDM engineering applications and other design constraint solutions.

The course is ideal for FDM and PolyJet additive AM users and design professionals alike. DfAM is for those seeking a head start in optimising their design to manufacturing processes and end product quality. An unending well of knowledge isn’t required for this course, because your skills within additive manufacturing will be developed as you progress. These skills will be transferable within a variety of 3D design scenarios, including the improvement of processes across the lifespan of projects, considering software settings and other advanced FDM design considerations. The vital information on offer through the course is designed to provide benefits to production and resource management.

The Team

The talented trainers in our ranks are particularly excited to teach this course. They’re interested in the comprehensive range of information covered, as it gives a real insight into the variety of process improvements that can be made when designing for additive manufacturing. The friendly, personable team will lead a hands-on teaching style, and are committed to providing a uniquely rewarding experience. The exercises are curated with applications found in the real world, so they can guide you towards immediately applying the knowledge gained on the course. The links between the tasks and scenarios associated within manufacturing are communicated in an engaging manner.

You really can’t afford to ignore the benefits of FDM or PolyJet design. Find out more from our team today.

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